IMG_0315I think that Q-School is a lot like the Hunger Games, 288 girls enter and only 60 come out. Unfortunately, I was not one of the 60 this year. I did not shoot the scores that I needed to advance. While this has been heart-breaking that things have not gone according to plan, I learned a lot. I learned that I have the game to be out there, but I have some work to do on controlling my thought processes under stress.

Due to some crazy circumstances, I played without a caddy this week. While the situation was less than ideal, I think it will be for the best. I am going to play mini-tour events this year, the prize money has been significantly increased, which makes this a more feasible option. I think that playing more professional events where cuts are on the line will have me better prepared for next year. After all the experience I will gain, when I do get status, I will be unstoppable.

My next step is to plan out a desired schedule of professional events and Monday Qualifiers for the LPGA and hopefully find some sponsorship or private backing. I will be getting a part-time job to help cover some of the costs. This route is different than I had imagined, but with some flexibility I can still make my dreams a reality.

My plan was not the same as God’s plan for me this week. But I know that I am right where I am supposed to be and I will get exactly where I need to go.

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  • Patsy Sexton says:

    Love you and proud of what you did accomplish…giving it your best and knowing Who is really in control. I am sure He will guide you as you go forward to achieve your goals, and I am just as sure that you will attain them and be the better for it with this experience. GO ALEX!!!

  • Lynn Nichols says:

    I like your attitude. Romans 8:28, God is working in all things for our good.”

  • Yvonne says:

    Alex-continue to strive for ultimate success and perfect your game. Golf is very mental-you have the physical part of your game down. Stay faithful and positive and you will achieve many successes and not just on the course. I am very proud of you. Stay focused.

  • Jack Coburn says:

    You go Alex! Keep the positive outlook!

  • Matt Jones says:

    Great Job!!

    as you know golf is a game of challenging your self.. when you putt you find a line to the hole and try and get the ball on the line. Life is so similar.. you seem to have found a line.. now you will be working to keep on that line and having fun and staying focused will be keys to your success.

    if you play in ohio please let us know your fans/friends/supporters will be there!

    go alex go!!!

  • Marie castelain says:

    As the mother of an athelete, I understand Alex.Your positive attitude will serve you well. Know i am behind you!

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