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I found a phone booth on our walk!

I found a phone booth on our walk!

Good Morning!!


Yesterday I arrived in London after a 9 hour flight and an hour to get through customs. We then had a two hour car ride to the apartment we are renting for a few days in London. I have to say, the flight over was not the most comfortable. I have a new appreciation for all the long plane rides that my international teammates are subjected to! I barely got any sleep on our red eye, but we arrived at our apartment at 11:30 London time.


We are staying in a great location and decided to walk to the Camden Market and find some lunch, explore and get some groceries. Walking through the streets of London was fun, there is plenty of public transit and so many town homes and apartments, it does not seem similar to any of our big cities in the states- everything is so much older!


The Camden Market was fun, but there were signs everywhere warning of pickpockets! There were so many shops and booths and pubs to explore. We sat and relaxed for a bit next to the Camden Lock and watched a few boats get put through. We were trying to push through all the jet-lag but we were getting very tired. On the way back to the apartment, we stopped at a grocery store and filled our backpacks for the rest of the walk.


After a quick dinner, we all dropped like flies! Some went to bed at 6pm, I kept myself up until 8 and then had a great night sleep. Today, I am off to explore some of the sights here in London, and Friday morning I will drive down to the golf course.


I’ll write again soon!

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