Practice Round Day 2

By June 23, 2014British Am


Hello again!


Today’s practice went much better! I had an 8am tee time, and the wind blew a different direction today. I played with two very nice girls from Germany and I found that the field looked much more like a golf course today!


I hit bump and runs from 40 yards out in the fairway, navigated far away from the myriad of pot bunkers and avoided most of the tall stuff. I was able to read the greens better today too. The greens are so much slower here than at home, and they barely break at all in most places. I hit the putts firm and straight today and they went in. I made 6 or 7 birdies today and that gives me great confidence for tomorrow. I really felt so comfortable on the links today.


Yesterday I was a bit nervous about the tournament, but after today I feel much better. I saw the birdies and I understand how to negotiate the course now. All that’s left is to play!


After my early round, we went to Dover Castle! It was stunning and a clear day, so we could see the French coastline. the castle was beautiful, but I didn’t stay long. I have to get my sleep for tomorrow!


I’ll check in tomorrow, wish me luck!


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