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dad and alex tower of london

Dad and I on the outer wall with the White Tower behind us.

Hello again!


I have spent the last two days exploring in London, and it feels like I have packed every adventure possible into them. I have explored the nooks and crannies of Westminster Abbey, retraced the steps of Jack the Ripper in the East End late at night, been deep in a bunker in Winston Churchill’s War Rooms, floated down the Thames on a river cruise, felt tiny standing below Big Ben, practiced my wizardry at Platform 9 and 3/4s and so much more!


Two days ago, we went to Westminster Abbey and I am incapable of doing this magnificent building justice. When I stood before the main alter and heard the stories of all the weddings, coronations, and funerals I was covered in goose bumps. It was incredible to stand and see inscriptions written in the 11th century. The history of the Abbey is unique and all the additions each have their own characteristics and details. Outside in the gardens, the inner courtyard was a quiet, peaceful place that people have enjoyed, like I did, for centuries. I was wandering through the stuff of history books.

medieval bedroom

Yesterday we had the opportunity to spend the majority of an afternoon meandering around the Tower of London. As a few of you will know, I have a love of British history and historical novels so that afternoon was magical. We began with a guided tour full of history and stories. I got to walk the same grounds as figures like Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor. We sat in the chapel and saw the tower green. Next we saw the crown jewels, and the instruments of battle through the ages. We explored every possible tower and even a medieval palace that was contained in the inner wall above Traitor’s Gate. The amount of history that surrounded me was stunning.


After a day on the Thames, exploring the Jewel Tower, the Tower of London and The Tower Bridge, I ate at my first real French Restaurant. I am sure Laure would have been proud of me for all the adventurous food I tried! I sampled some bread and cheeses that I couldn’t pronounce, tried a bite of asparagus soup, ordered duck breast for dinner and had a mint infused tea for dessert. I felt like the meal went on forever, but it was fun to try some new things.


Today we head out to Dover, where I will finally be able to see the course. I am very ready to get out onto the greens and begin to get some preparation in. While exploring London has been fun, I am looking forward to arriving in Dover. Hopefully the weather will stay mild! So far we have not had any rain and it will be in the low 60s on the coast. For now, I am saying farewell to London for the present.






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