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July 2015

Professional Status

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IMG_0311After four amazing years of collegiate golf at Florida State, I have graduated with a degree in Finance and now I get to start the next chapter in my life. This week, I have a big announcement for all of you. I will be declaring my status change to a professional golfer!

When I was in fourth grade, I began to tell anyone who would listen that I was going to be a professional athlete and that one day I would be competing with the women on the LPGA. It is interesting to note the way my dream has been received as I have gotten older, and closer to my goals. When I first began to dream, my teachers smiled at me and encouraged me; family told me how hard I would have to work and that I could do it. However, at some point in high school, people began to tell me that golf was not a career plan. I needed to study and to have plans outside of sports. So I appeased them. I became valedictorian of my high school, and I dreamt up some ideas of corporate jobs. In college, after battling through an injury, I was invigorated. Golf truly was almost taken from me and that made me want it all the more. I did realize, however, that my body was not invincible, so I took an internship to prepare me for the corporate world just in case. I never lost sight of my real dream or the desire to pursue it. I have endured the laughs and smirks from my peers and professors, from advisors and administrators, and even doubt from some of my family. Through it all, I knew this was my plan, this was my dream.

I will be making my professional debut on two mini-tour events that are a warm-up series for Q School in Palm Springs, California. Stage One of Q School is a four round event the first week of August in Rancho Mirage, California.

To be here in this moment is indescribable. I have trained, practiced and sacrificed since the moment that small, fourth grade version of myself decided that this was my dream. Now, I have the incredible opportunity to breathe it in and live it. I still have a lot of work to do and many small goals to accomplish in order to join ranks with the women on T.V. every week, but as of this week I can say that I am a professional athlete. And somewhere inside me, that fourth grader is celebrating.